About Us

Quarantine Hill has been evolving over the last several years.
Starting out as "Radiowaves" in March 2003 the band produced their debut album "Keep My Silence".
The Album got a good reaction and exceded expectations locally. At that time Radiowaves comprised of Mickey Lacey & Jerry Lewins. Being a two piece limited the overall impact of the sound quality, as the songs were mainly acoustic based.
Radiowaves struggled in vain for a drummer and bass player. Subsequently Mickey played drums, bass, acoustic and lead guitar while Jerry played acoustic guitar and vocals. The band decided to add some synthetic drum tracks to the mixes for the album. While the clinical sound of the drums had something like the desired effect at the time, the quality was just not there.
After the album was released they decided to look again for a drummer and bass player. Jerry and Mickey had met a drummer called Rob Rowden at a party in 2004. Rob gave the music a full sound. At last it sounded complete, well almost. The band still struggled to find a decent bass player. Unfortunately in 2005 Jerry moved on and left the band for personal reasons. This left a big hole in the song writing process. Mickey however kept on writing original songs and invited Rob Rowden to try his hand at the art. Rob was happy to become more involved and played a key role in the writing of the new lineup of Radiowaves songs. Musicians came and went over the next four years. Great players like Guitarist "Eammon Troy" and bassist "Andrus Blignaut" amongst others.

In the meantime Mickey's son Luke Lacey who was only 12 years old at the time the debut album was released in 2003, was making serious inroads into the world of lead guitar. Mickey invited Luke to get involved in the band and man did he deliver the goods!. Luke revealed himself as a really mature player, and added a new dimension to the sound and a superb creativity and color to the music.
In 2008 Rob suggested inviting a friend and bass player Ian Tolan to have a jam with the band and see what resulted. Ian clicked straight away with the rest of the band, the last piece of the jigsaw was about to fall into place.
The band had a fresh new look and sound to it. So Mickey and Rob felt it needed a fresh new name. After some time the name "Quarantine Hill" was decided upon. Quarantiine Hill is the name of a street in Wicklow Town. The old radiowaves band used to rehearse in a film and audio studio there called SOL Productions. The artwork for the first album "Keep My Silence" was also produced there by Seamus Byrne. So the name has great significance and meaning.

Quarantine Hill are currently recording their new album at Silverline Studio's located in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow. The Album is expected to be released some time in the summer of 2010. The New Album Quicksand will feature songs like "The Shortest Step", "Shadow of a Distant Sun" and "Quicksand".

After the band recorded the first half of the new album in 2009, Luke had to start life as a student in Limerick Univerisity. Having done so well in his leaving cert Luke was selected for the very popular "Music, Performance and Multimedia" course.
Luke still records and playes with the band as much as he can, and still has a great influence on the sound.
In the Quarantine Hill tradition, a new guitarist needed to be found. But the band still practised as a three peice at the studio in Newtown.
One night in October 2009 the band were rehearsing new songs when Ian suggested inviting a new lead guitarist to the band. Derek Treacy was rehersing in the next room so we had an idea what his playing sounded like. The gap left by Luke was a big one to fill, as he has an appealing style and maturity of sound.
The next week Derek turned up to rehearsal, and what a great player he is.
Rarely do musicians impress to the extent that Derek did.
He has his own style and applies very clever effects pedals to his playing
Yet another step forward!
Derek continues to enhance the songs, and was involved in the production and recording of the new album, and producing our latest songs.

Quarantine Hill lineup:

Mickey Lacey: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.
Rob Rowden: Drums and Backing Vocals.
Luke Lacey: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals.
Ian Tolan: Bass Guitar.
Derek Treacy: Lead Guitar

The Story continues........